Something tells me you have a remarkable Contract in this lifetime, Jon....a soul to encounter...

- Caroline Myss, PHD, medical intuitive, author and teacher
Jon doesn't just give piano lessons, he imparts a life long love of music in his students. 
- Cold Spring Harbour, NY

Thank you for delivery an excellent lecture on Autism Spectrum Disorders on September 22, 2008 in the Psychopathology course within the Programs in Occupational Therapy. The students were very impressed by your clinical and scholarly expertise and passionate commitment to your clients and research. The students gave very positive feedback about lecture in the discussion that followed and in the course evaluation. Your lecture broadened their understanding of the breath and depth of mental health practice and sparked their interest in exploring ways occupational therapists can make a unique contribution to this field. I hope you will lecture again next fall. 

- Emily Raphael, MA, MS, OTR, Columbia University   
Life's Worc and NYFAC would like to take this opportunity to thank you for presenting at our conference "Bringing Us Together." Based on participant feedback, the information was well received. Your time and dedication to the field of Autism is appreciated. We look forward to collaborating with you in future conferences.

- Rosemary Barlone- Schafer, Life's WORC Chair and Andrew Baumann, NYFAC Conference Chair                                                    
 The students here are all classified as having an Autism Spectrum disorder. Many of the students are non-verbal, with little intentional communication, as well as other typical ASD behaviors. As a first year program, we were not sure that music therapy would offer the students any beneficial outcomes. We were proved wrong. Jon was able to bring out the voices of children who had never spoken a word. Amazing! Our students looked forward to his arrival, many placing their music symbol on their independent schedules without reminders. This, in and of itself from non-verbal, dependent children is worth speaking of. Others simply smiled and gleamed when they arrived in the morning to see the Music symbol on their daily schedule. Jon worked closely with classroom teachers, related service providers, assistant principal and autism coach in a collaborative effort to bring these very special needs children to higher grounds, by way of music. This collaborative effort proved fruitful.
The music therapy program was a success. We have asked that Jon return to our organization in September of 2006 because his talent and style brought on positive behaviors that we want to continue to nurture.
I would recommend Jon to any organization that serves children with special needs, because he showed us here that music is one of the ways to a child’s heart. Of course, Jon’s talent should not be limited to special needs children, because regardless of the type of child, I know that Jon’s Music therapy and teaching abilities would benefit any type of child. 
- Rosa Amato, Assistant Principal, The Children’s School 

I have observed Jon on several occasions during his Music Therapy groups at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music.  Jon is an amazing soul and it shines in his work .  He is gentle with each child he works with, taking special care and interest in each one. He is also clinically skilled, highly perceptive, and intuitive. The students are overjoyed working with him and I have noticed improvement in their communication, attention span, sense of self, and motivation in participating actively in their environment. 

- Jennifer Richman OTR/L - Senior Occupational Therapist for New York State Psychiatric Institiute and contractor for the NYC Department of Education, specializing in Autism 
Prior to Jon bringing music into her life, Dana was quiet in group settings and tentative with new experiences. With her new found confidence playing the piano, she has emerged from her shell. Her piano playing continues to improve weekly as does her assertiveness. Jon's teachings have exceeded all our expectations for Dana's music training. Dana's belief in herself is priceless and we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude.

- Plainview, NY                                                                                                                                                                                          

My son has made tremendous strides since the beginning of his lessons. Jon is incredibly talented and brought out qualities in my son I never knew existed! He is a wonderful teacher!!

- West Babylon                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Jonathan Samson is an awesome and talented musician and teacher. The therapeutic piano lessons my daughter has received by Mr. Samson, at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, has given her much joy, inspiration and confidence. 
With much appreciation and gratitude. 

- Brooklyn, NY                          
My ten year old son always looks forward to each music lesson with Jon. Never knowing what to expect, my son is continually amazed and excited by the music he is discovering.