Q:  So, is it therapy or is it music lessons?

A: Therapy is a contemporary vehicle for transformation and growth, and music is an ancient one. Some believe music is the most direct way to access emotions, express and release. There doesn't need to be something clinically "wrong" with a person in order to benefit from therapeutic modalities. Even with clients who are truly dedicated to learning an instrument, there are thoughts and emotions which come up, as we're all human. Some kids talk about their feelings, and most PLAY until they have emptied themselves through the music. And perhaps, one of the most important skills someone can learn in a lesson, is how to use music as an avenue to master emotion- or at least feel fully what needs to be felt.

Q: This all sounds interesting, but I don't think my child is going to be a musician...

A: The goal is not about turning children into musicians or artists. Some of us are, some of us aren't- however, there is tremendous benefit to being in a musical environment with symbols of creativity and expression which apply to all areas of life.

Q: What if someone can't improvise?

A: People are improvising most of the time without realizing it! Every time you have a conversation with someone, or simply answer a question, you are improvising and co-creating. You are using your words and feelings to interact with others in the moment.

Q: I would like to join or start a group, how do I do that?

A: Whether you'd like to come to Jon's studio, or possibly arrange something at someone's home, the best way to coordinate is to send an email directly to Jon: cocreativemusic@gmail.com

Q: Do I have to sign up for a minimum amount of classes?

A: Of course not! If you don't like working with Jon, you shouldn't be stuck with him! 

Q: Is there actual teaching that happens or is it just free play? is there homework? Practicing?

A: Putting aside the philosophical issue of whether "free play" in music is enough to enrich a person's life in many ways (of course it is), the pursuit of music skills depends on a child's level of passion- which is so very connected to self esteem. While some kids are passionate about developing musically, others enjoy playing and exploring what they feel in the moment. It's case by case.

Q: Is there benefit to having a session once every other week or just once in a while?

A: While children tend to do best with a weekly structure, each session is tailored to meet the child however the present moment dictates. Sessions are always uplifting and provide a safe space for creative exploration and expression.

Q: Where is the studio?

A: Right off the 2/3 Bergen stop in Brooklyn. Call or email for details.