CoCreative Music is Jon's contribution towards a sustainable world.

Music is like farming- it takes a community of people to get things growing and flowing from the ground up. As we literally nourish ourselves with the fruits of nature’s rhythms and harmony, we express symbolically through music and other forms of creativity. The human body seems to have been designed for this-

Singing, clapping, stomping, patting, snapping, tapping, clicking, beat-boxing, dancing...

Jon Samson MA MTBC, holds a Masters Degree in Music Therapy from New York University and a Bachelors of Arts in music composition from SUNY Purchase.

Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, Jon offers a unique combination of music therapy, education and studio recording to address the needs of the whole person. He runs a private practice in Brooklyn, offering an alternative approach to music education involving improvisation and recording for kids and creative consulting/life coaching for grown ups. 

As a musical director, Jon ran two programs alongside the founders of Blue Man Group at the Blue School in lower NYC, and the summer program at Packer Collegiate in Brooklyn from 2006-2010.
As a Musical Therapist, Jon worked extensively through the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music for children on the autism spectrum. He's been guest lecturing at Columbia University and other higher education facilities on his approach to working with special needs and how it relates to the general population.

As a Performer/Producer, Jon’s award winning family music has been featured in Parenting Magazine, Time Out New York Kids, USA Today, and apparently other civilizations from other planets love Jon's music too.

As an artist, Jon produced music for Sounds True audio programs by world renowned teachers Caroline Myss and Andrew Harvey.

As an audio engineer, Jon's name can be found in the four time Oscar nominated film, Beasts Of The Southern Wild.

Jon is a public speaker and performing artist. If you'd like to contact Jon for music therapy, educational lectures, parties or sessions, email